The Gaelic4Mothers & Others initiative is an innovative way to introduce mothers and other women to playing Ladies Gaelic Football. Mothers often drop their kids to training and call back to collect them, but the Ladies Gaelic Football Association wants to change that.

The Gaelic4Mothers & Others initiative sees women playing Ladies Gaelic Football in a fun, non-competitive and social environment. Gaelic4Mothers & Others provides an opportunity for women to get their recommended weekly exercise in a fun way while meeting other mothers in the area.

The initiative has proved hugely popular with women of all ages throughou the province with clubs really seeing the benefit to their clubs as many of mums are now helping out with other activities in the club.

Throughout the year there is a provincial blitz organised and all participating sites are also invited to a national blitz day.  Participation in the blitzes is completely optional, but most teams love the programme so much they can't wait to take part!

For further information you can download the Gaelic4Mothers & Ohers Information Booklet G4MO Booklet 2019-20 pdf or contact:
Ciaran Murtagh Ladies Gaelic Development Officer in Ulster on 07795160979 or Email:

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